Our Entire Product Line Is MADE SAFE®


Since we established Meliora Cleaning Products in 2013, we have been compelled to make better products. We've always shared what's in our products. Whether that's on the labels or on our website, you should know each and every ingredient for everything you bring into your home.

Just listing the ingredients doesn't mean they're all good ingredients

The MADE SAFE® seal signifies that our products and ingredients have been examined for whether they build up in the environment, our bodies, and aquatic toxicity. 

MADE SAFE® provides America’s first comprehensive human health-focused certification for nontoxic products. They screen ingredients against their Ingredient Database of known harmful chemicals, made up of thousands of chemicals found on scientifically reliable lists from organizations around the world.

Everything we make is MADE SAFE Certified!

More information about MADE SAFE can be found at www.madesafe.org. You can also read about what types of ingredients MADE SAFE does not allow in their products at their Hazard List. While this list isn't exhaustive, it'll give you an idea of the types of ingredients we're unlikely to offer in any future products.

The MADE SAFE-managed list of certified products can be found here.

More information about our ingredients can be found at www.momentum-cc.com/ingredients.