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CV Writing Workshop

Your CV is your one chance to give a positive first impression and secure interviews. It is a crucial document with the power to sell your skills and professional background on your behalf. Is your current CV speaking for you or against you? This workshop is designed to help you ensure CV complies with the recruiter’s requirements in the UAE and help you stands out from the crowd by giving a powerful first impression.

Guide to a Proactive Job Search

If your job search strategy only includes applying for advertised jobs, then you are being reactive with a tragic 3% chance to be called for an interview. Proactive job seekers understand that 80% of the vacant jobs are never advertised and use a job search strategy based on networking, strategic conversations with key players and recommendations. This workshop is design to guide you from a reactive to a proactive job search and provide you with a strategy to successfully manage your career.

Optimizing LinkedIn for Career Advancement

Your LinkedIn profile is different from your CV but it is just as important. LinkedIn is a free tool to build your professional brand, position yourself as an expert in your field and attract recruiters to contact you for job opportunities. This workshop has been designed to help you use LinkedIn to your advantage beyond simply having a profile.

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