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In this competitive environment, training budgets are low while employees’ learning & development needs keep increasing.

Most organizations spend most of their learning & development budgets in training courses. And although training courses can be the answer to specific challenges, they are not the only solution available to promote performance improvement, employee engagement and long lasting behavioral change.

It is time to come up with alternative solutions that will truly support your organizational goals.

Our workshops are designed to support your HR Teams and your Heads of Departments in identifying, selecting and implementing cost effective and efficient solutions that will powerfully enhance employee performance and engagement.

Our Workshops / Seminars Include:

For Your HR Teams

Learning & Development
  • Powerful tools to identify learning & development needs
  • How to select the most efficient solutions for your learning & development needs
  • How to select the right providers for your learning & development needs
  • How to ensure learning & development budgets are well spent
  • How to measure return on investment on learning & development
  • How to develop and implement internal learning & development solutions (Internal training courses / on-the-job training / coaching / e-learning / etc.)
  • Creating a recruitment process
  • Witting job descriptions
  • Where to look for candidates?
  • How to screen CVs
  • Interview best practice
  • Recruitment decision making
  • Successful on-boarding processes
Performance Management
  • Creating performance review forms and processes
  • Conducting performance reviews
  • Performance Management best practice
  • Rewards & disciplinary actions
  • Creating a performance culture
Organizational Culture
  • Creating a culture for your organization
  • Ensuring the culture is integrated at every level
  • Creating company mission and values
  • Ensuring all employees live by the organizational culture

For Your Heads of Departments / Managers / Leaders

Coaching Skills
Mastering Work-Life Balance
Managing Stress
Time Management Techniques
Building Strong Teams

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