Consulting Services Focused on Employee Performance & Engagement

In the current economic context, it is more than ever crucial to implement strategic, creative and cost effective solutions to:

  • Improve business and employee performance
  • Maintain and improve employee satisfaction and morale
  • Retain your key employees
  • Keep training your staff (even with low training budgets)
  • Protect your reputation and integrity in case of redundancies

Our business is built around cost effective and proven solutions that will support high performance and employee engagement during good and challenging times.

Indeed, MomentuM provides your organization with a blend of training, consulting services and coaching focused on the most important and valuable aspect of your organization: Your People

In order to maximize business performance, it is crucial to review your current processes and ensure they fully support employee performance and engagement.

We can help you review, develop and/or implement critical tools & processes:

Recruitment Process Analysis / Development
Undertaking recruitment is an important step when starting or growing your business. It must include several steps such as:
  • Identify vacancies and needs
  • Develop job descriptions
  • Select the most efficient advertising / recruiting platforms
  • Develop a short listing process
  • Conduct successful interviews
  • Select the right applicant
  • Implement an onboarding process
Creating A Performance Culture
Creating a performance culture requires a systematic approach to managing the performance of organizations, teams and individuals.
We help you:
  • Set performance objectives and targets
  • Conduct performance reviews
  • Conduct 360 reviews
  • Provide effective feedback
  • Use coaching as a powerful tool
  • Implement incentives and disciplinary actions
The Learning & Development Process Analysis / Development
The organisational process of developing people involves the integration of learning and development processes, operations and relationships.
We support you:
  • Identify knowledge gaps and develpment needs
  • Select relevant L&D solutions
  • Source internal and external training providers
  • Manage knowledge transfer
  • Monitore change and return on investment
  • Use coaching as a powerful tool
Creating An Organizational Culture
Having great company culture is no longer just an option. Today's employees consider it as much as they consider salary and benefits. It is your your company's genetic code, its personality, it defines the environment in which your employees work and perform.
We help you:
  • Set a clear mission
  • Set clear values
  • Integrate the mission and values at every level and every process
  • Implement team building strategies that reflect the culture

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