Success Stories

"Emeline was a great personal and executive coach for me and our team members. She was engaged by us for individual executive coaching of our employees. Also, she did a 360 Degree evaluation across different departments of our company which gave us great insights into our strengths and weaknesses and she guided us to improve on them. Her coaching sessions were very useful on an individual level as well as corporate level. Overall, it was a great experience working with Emeline."
Dileep PS , General Manager at VackerGlobal Dubai
"Emeline is a great coach I strongly recommend. She is dynamic, energetic and positive person with whom it’s very nice to talk to. At the same time, her coaching is very effective and it helped me to achieve great goals to build my business and for my career. I also value the fact that she has a deep knowledge of human resources, coaching practices and human behaviors which was certainly a strong added value during our coaching. Emeline combines several assets I strongly value: reliability, efficiency and fun."
Gaëlle Bovy Thailand

“It has been an amazing time attending my coaching sessions. I never knew the best thing to do would be to spend time on myself. I do that now. And I have answers to so many of my questions. Thank you for that. Coaching got me more organized at work as I am learning how to prioritize things. I am now confident about handling anything. In my life, in general, I learnt the concept of "let go". Sometimes that’s what is needed. I am basically happy with whatever I do. Everyone must experience coaching. It's very helpful. Thank you for everything Emeline! There is nothing more I can say.”

Pooja Ambale Dubai

“It was great to get an opportunity to get mentored in my career, personal, and professional life. As part of my organization, coaching has induced a lot of changes in my daily operations as we evaluated my daily tasks and identified corrective actions. It was very helpful. I am now organizing my daily schedule in a better way, optimizing the available time to get better results. By knowing what I am good at, coaching helped me developing qualities which make me more professional.”

Vishal J. Dubai
"It was my first time experiencing professional coaching and it went great. I was excited to try something new and it was very fruitful. It didn’t disappoint. It helped me break tasks down and improve my planning. The SMART goal theory is one of the best thing I got from coaching. In my life in general, it helped me focus and get rid of unnecessary clutter and distractions without hurting anyone."
Prakash Kumar Luitel Dubai

"Every day, I thank God that you are my amazing career coach, you are making me a strong woman. Sometimes, I feel so bad about what's happening to me, but when I think of you, I remember I have to be grateful for this life. Thanks to you, I know who I am inside. I know and I believe that with you I will reach my goals. With every hour I sit with you, so many things change and I am so thankful for it all. Thank you for your help."

Dareen Jaffar Dubai

“Working with Emeline is always a pleasure as you know you will get full commitment from her in every task and the outcome will always exceed the expectation.”

Louise Whaites Dubai

"The one to one session I had with Emeline was extremely helpful, providing all kinds of useful tips from updating my CV to information on the UAE job market and how to tackle it! She is professional, approachable and great to work with - Thanks very much Emeline!"

Aysha Yeboah Abu Dhabi

"I met with Emeline for a CV review session, I sent her my CV in advance and she took the time to review my CV as she had detail prepared feedback. Emeline gave me constructive comments to take on board to improve my CV and the chance for it to be selected by recruiters. She advises on few tips on how to direct my job research, this was a very insightful and productive hour"

Karine Haberland Abu Dhabi

Associate Certified Coach

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