Emeline Roissetter – Founder / Professional Coach / HR Specialist

Emeline is a highly-accomplished coach with a unique background in supporting talented individuals and businesses reach their full potential through customized solutions.

With over 10 years of experience in Human Resources, Learning and Development and Talent Management across several industries from start-ups to multinationals, Emeline excels in analyzing and developing behaviors, skills, strengths, processes and strategies that support success and excellence.

Emeline is a strong believer that each individual and therefore each organization, is resourceful and creative with energy, wisdom, ability and genius waiting to be set in motion. Her expertise coupled with her positive and energetic personality inspires everyone she comes across to take actions in the accomplishment of their goals.

Member of the International Coach Academy, Emeline is currently upgrading to the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential with the International Coach Federation. She also holds a Bachelor Degree from NEOMA International Business School in France as well as several certifications including Leadership & Management, Project Management, Emotional Intelligence, and the ATD Coaching Certificate Program.

Emeline, has been selected as a Mentor by the "Cherie Blair Foundation for Women" where she empowers women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging economies, boosts their confidence, builds their capability and helps them establish and grow businesses.

Based in Dubai for over a decade, Emeline’s expertise also comes with a deep understanding of the GCC region’s cultural and economic background.

Farheen Jeelani – Associate Consultant

Farheen has a genuine interest in the field of Business/Occupational Psychology. She is passionate and driven to work and contribute towards developing people's potential in the area of Talent Management and Development. .

With an MSc degree in Business Psychology and BBA degree in Human Resources Management, Farheen possesses the academic knowledge and the soft skills to engage, guide and support individuals in realizing their potential and contribution towards oneself and the organization.

Farheen holds strong organizational skills and has the character of being responsible and committed. During her MSc, she was the student representative for the Business Psychology course.

In terms of accomplishments, Farheen was selected by Heriot Watt University  as a speaker and to present her MSc Dissertation at the International Psychology Conference Dubai (IPCD) 2017 on the topic “Exploring coaching styles preference: through conversation about personality, coaching and leadership style(s)”. Her knowledge and keen interest also led her to be selected as the only student for an Internship program as a Business Psychologist Intern at a Global Talent Management Consultancy firm, Propel International.

Farheen is very much interested in human behavior and human potential. She strongly believes in guiding individuals to the best of their abilities and helps them discover their strengths and developments areas. Her empathetic and compassionate personality along with her determination showcases her unique ability to observe, identify and uncover individuals’ true potential.

Member of the British Psychology Society, Farheen is a certified Occupational Test user in Ability and Personality with Saville Assessment as well as certified in STRONG Interest Inventory.

Farheen has had a long exposure and understanding of the growing multicultural society of UAE and the fact that she was born, raised here in the UAE has helped her in no small measure.

Marc Roissetter – Business Process Improvement Consultant / IT Specialist

Marc is a professional executive with an extensive track record in leading both business and technology transformational change across a range of organisations in the Middle East and Australia. Marc is a proven leader with the ability to motivate and develop high-performing teams to deliver exceptional results.

Recent examples include his assignment within the ATCUAE to business improvement director where he has implemented key strategies to improve business efficiency and revenue. In addition, Marc excels in fostering a culture of innovation, agility and a constant desire to discover smarter ways of working to enhance the customer experience.

Marc has a strong delivery and customer focus with extensive stakeholder management skills and the ability to quickly interpret and understand the impacts of change across an organisation. A strong strategic thinker with significant experience in developing and implementing a portfolio of technology and business driven projects to deliver large scale transformational change.

Associate Certified Coach

International Coach Academy

International Coach Federation